PhD in Health and Sports Psychology

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The PhD programme in Health Psychology and Sports Psychology is divided into two areas of application and research, with the same teaching staff and approach to research: health psychology and psychology of physical activity and sport. These two branches share the same psychological principles and models  and the same research methods, and their area of application varies according to the end-users and their situations (health in the general population and health in sports practitioners). The two research areas are important for the development of health and well-being, whether physical, psychological or social, and have a long research tradition.

Moreover, health psychology and physical activity and sports psychology is a discipline in which the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has acquired considerable experience and recognition at home and abroad and can offer research teams that are perfectly capable of training doctoral students in cutting-edge research methods. As stated previously, these research groups share the same master's and PhD teaching staff, who carry out research in the general area of health psychology and the more specific sub-area of sports and physical activity psychology.



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