Albert Rimola i Gibert

00 34 93 581 2164
UAB Distinguished postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Albert Rimola graduated in Chemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB,2002) and got a PhD in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (UAB, 2007) under thesupervision of Prof. Mariona Sodupe and Dr. Luis Rodríguez-Santiago. He carried out a post-doctoral work (2007 – 2009) in the group of Prof. Piero Ugliengo (Univ. Turin), and in 2010 he returned to UAB. He is currently a distinguished postdoctoral researcher by UAB. The focus of his research has always been on simulating chemical processes by accurate quantum chemical calculations using both molecular and periodic ab initio approaches. His current research lines focus on the modeling of processes related to the abiotic primordial chemical evolution in space and Earth (i.e. astrochemistry and prebiotic chemistry), in particular those in which solid state matter plays an important role.

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