Mariona Sodupe Roure

00 34 93 581 3031
Full Professor

Mariona Sodupe got her degree in Chemistry from the Universitat Autònoma Barcelona (UAB) in 1985 and her PhD in Chemistry from the same University in 1990. Then, she performed a postdoctoral stay (1990-92), as a Fulbright Fellow, at NASA Ames Research Center (California) with Prof. C.W. Bauschlicher. In 1992, she returned to the UAB as Associate Professor. Since 2008, she is Full Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the UAB. She has been awarded the Distinction of the Generalitat of Catalunya for the Promotion of Research at the University (2001) and the ICREA Academia prize (2011). She is coauthor of 150 papers in international journals on computational and theoretical chemistry. Research areas of interest are computational modelling of i) complex metal cation-biomolecule systems, ii) structure and reactivity of biological radical cations and iii) adsorption and reactivity of biomolecules on silica based surfaces. Recent projects focus on the role of metal-biomolecule interactions in neurodegenerative diseases and on the role of mineral surfaces in prebiotic chemistry.

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