The Getp-GRAFO (Research Group of the Cross-cultural Study of Kinship) is a research team of GRAFO (Group of Research in Fundamental and Oriented Anthropology), a consolidated group recognized by the AGAUR. The main activity of getp-GRAFO focuses on the analysis of the content and variability of kinship relationships from a cross-cultural perspective, which allows a better understanding of the diversity of values ​​and practices linked to the different sociocultural models of procreation and Breeding An analysis oriented from the methodological and theoretical critique and from the reflection on the ethnographic data obtained in field research. Currently it is coordinated by Dr. Anna Piella Vila and Dr. Jordi Grau Rebollo.

Since its inception in 1994, led by Dr. Aurora González Echevarría, one of its main goals has been to contribute to the theoretical grounding in Anthropology by developing an analytical and cross-cultural proposal of the domain of Anthropology of Kinship that entails as specific contents the ideas about the formation of a person, reproductive sexuality, child care and rearing, the different groups involved in these tasks as well as the relationships that may be established upon this basis along a person’s lifetime. As a result of this genuine investigation interest, the getp-GRAFO team has carried out several fieldwork researches in Australia, Canada, Catalonia, Guinea, Malaysia, Norway, China or Romania.


  • Cross-cultural research in the field of Kinship. Socio-cultural models of procreation and parenting of children.
  • The concept of parenting in ethnography and anthropological theory.
  • Child trafficking and international adoption.
  • Representations of Kinship and Multiple Parenting. Kinship and People without direct descendants (voluntary or involuntary infertility).
  • Reproductive Health and Kinship.
  • The concept of person, body, symbolism and kinship.
  • Kinship and migration (internal and transnational).
  • Intersections and intradisciplinary joints (Kinship and Education, Kinship and Health, Kinship and Gender).
  • Interdisciplinary intersections and joints (Anthropology and Medicine, Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, Biology and Psychoanalysis).
  • Identity uses of kinship and parenting.
  • Child-rearing in contexts of sociocultural vulnerability.

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