DIVENDRES DE RECERCA 29/03/2019 15:30H

29 Marzo, 2019

Ponencia a cargo de Christopher L. Busey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, University of Florida:

"The paradox of black citizenship: Transnational perspectives on curriculum, pedagogy, educational policy, and theory"

Across the Americas, black citizenship is paradoxically situated within discourses of racial and nation-state politics. That is, black citizens are perceived as integral to the political, economic, and cultural identity of a particular nation-state. Yet, black citizens are also subjected to institutional and systemic anti-black racism which is often marked by state-sanctioned racial violence, deprecating socio-political discourses, and the denial of basic human rights. Although viewed as immune from racial politics, education plays a fundamental role in reifying additive perceptions of black citizenship while simultaneously reproducing anti-black racism vis-á-vis curriculum, pedagogy, policy, and theory. Based on prior and current research, this seminar examines how discourses of anti-black racism emerge in educational arenas across the Americas. More specifically, Dr. Christopher L. Busey draws from a lens of black hemispheric transnationalism to demonstrate how various aspects of education such as curriculum, pedagogy, and policy are proximal to the broader treatment of black citizenship within nation-state politics. This body of research contributes to the canon on black socio-historical foundations of education and has implications for shaping debates on black education as a political endeavor, critically theorizing black anti-racist agency as hemispheric, and transnational coalition building in educational research.

Dr. Christopher L. Busey is an Assistant Professor in the Teachers, Schools, and Society program at the University of Florida (UF) College of Education. He is also affiliate faculty in the Center for Latin American Studies and the African American Studies program at UF. Dr. Busey has published over 20 scholarly manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and edited books. His research appears in internationally regarded journals such as Race, Ethnicity and EducationTheory & Research in Social Education, and the Journal of Latinos and Education. Dr. Busey also presents his work in national and international forums such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). His conceptual research study entitled Race Meet World: Transnational Anti-Black Racism and the Case for a Global Critical Race Theorization of Social Studies Curriculum and Research (under review) won the AERA Social Studies Research SIG best paper award at the 2018 AERA annual conference in New York City. Additionally, Dr. Busey was considered a 2017-2018 Global Fellow by the University of Florida International Center and the 2018-2020 Bo Smith Faculty Endowment.



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