Climate Emergency

Climate change is perhaps the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. It has the potential to trigger an earth-wide mass extinction if we don't act now. Unfortunately, public skepticism, ignorance and plain denial of the danger that climate change poses seems to have a growing tendency worldwide, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of environmental scientists agrees on the existence and danger of human made climate change.

We as a scientific research group believe that the danger of human made climate change is real and pressing. Therefore, we have decided to take a stand with our colleagues from the environmental science department and to make our opinion public. Since scientists are (mostly) paid by public funds to find and communicate reliable and provable facts, we believe that this our moral duty.

Many of us have signed the Scientists for Extinction Rebellion (XR) declaration ( and we support its call "for immediate and decisive action by governments worldwide to rapidly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, to prevent further biodiversity loss, and to repair, to the fullest extent possible, the damage that has already been done."

We are also taking actions locally with respect to the environmental impact of our group and we are actively discussing how to reduce our environmental impact in a sustainable way.

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