Michalis Skotiniotis

+34 935811754
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

I am a theoretical physicist currently at the Grup d'Iinformació Quàntica, in the Physics Department of Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (since 2016).  My research interests lie within the field of quantum information theory; particularly quantum statistical inference and metrology, quantum information and error-correction, as well as in the foundations of quantum theory.  I obtained my Bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Bristol in 2003, and  my Masters and PhD from the University of Calgary in 2007 and 2012 under the supervision of B. C. Sanders and G. Gour respectively.  Prior to moving to Barcelona I was a  post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in the University of Innsbruck, Austria working with Profs B. Kraus and W. Dür.  

In my spare time I try to get better at playing Go, enjoy long walks, and listen to a lot of music.  I also enjoy a good graphic novel (Sandman still remains my favorite one), documentaries (about anything pretty much), and cooking. 

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