Fixed boundary conditions analysis of the 3d gonihedric Ising model with k=0

TitleFixed boundary conditions analysis of the 3d gonihedric Ising model with k=0
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBaig, M, Clua, J, Johnston, DA, Villanova, R
JournalPhysics Letters B
KeywordsAuthor Keywords: Spin systems, Fixed boundary conditions, Gonihedric models, Phase transitions

The gonihedric Ising model is a particular case of the class of models defined by Savvidy and Wegner intended as discrete versions of string theories on cubic lattices. In this Letter we perform a high statistics analysis of the phase transition exhibited by the 3d gonihedric Ising model with k=0 in the light of a set of recently stated scaling laws applicable to first order phase transitions with fixed boundary conditions. Even though qualitative evidence was presented in a previous paper to support the existence of a first order phase transition at k=0, only now are we capable of pinpointing the transition inverse temperature at $\beta$c=0.54757(63) and of checking the scaling of standard observables.

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