Long-range multipartite entanglement close to a first-order quantum phase transition

TitleLong-range multipartite entanglement close to a first-order quantum phase transition
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsStasińska, J, Rogers, B, Paternostro, M, De Chiara, G, Sanpera, A
JournalPhysical Review A
Date Published3/2014

We provide insight into the quantum correlations structure present in strongly correlated systems beyond the standard framework of bipartite entanglement. To this aim we first exploit rotationally invariant states as a test bed to detect genuine tripartite entanglement beyond the nearest neighbor in spin-1/2 models. Then we construct in a closed analytical form a family of entanglement witnesses which provides a sufficient condition to determine if a state of a many-body system formed by an arbitrary number of spin-1/2 particles possesses genuine tripartite entanglement, independently of the details of the model. We illustrate our method by analyzing in detail the anisotropic XXZ spin chain close to its phase transitions, where we demonstrate the presence of long-range multipartite entanglement near the critical point and the breaking of the symmetries associated with the quantum phase transition.

Short TitlePhys. Rev. A
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