Probing magnetic order in ultracold lattice gases

TitleProbing magnetic order in ultracold lattice gases
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsDe Chiara, G, Romero-Isart, O, Sanpera, A
JournalPhys. Rev. A

A forthcoming challenge in ultracold lattice gases is the simulation of quantum magnetism. That involves both the preparation of the lattice atomic gas in the desired spin state and the probing of the state. Here we demonstrate how a probing scheme based on atom-light interfaces gives access to the order parameters of nontrivial quantum magnetic phases, allowing us to characterize univocally strongly correlated magnetic systems produced in ultracold gases. This method, which is also nondemolishing, yields spatially resolved spin correlations and can be applied to bosons or fermions. As a proof of principle, we apply this method to detect the complete phase diagram displayed by a chain of (rotationally invariant) spin-1 bosons.

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