Quantum information processing in spin chains via quantum Zeno dynamics

TitleQuantum information processing in spin chains via quantum Zeno dynamics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMonras, A, Romero-Isart, O
Date Published01/2008
Keywordsspin chain

We show how the quantum Zeno effect can be exploited to control quantum information in a spin chain in a flexible way. In particular, we consider a one dimensional array of three level systems interacting via a swap operator, an interaction found in a generalized Heisenberg Hamiltonian. By encoding the qubit into two levels and using simple projective frequent measurements, the dynamics of the chain is guided to achieve basic quantum information manipulation tools, $\backslash$emph\{i.e.\}, quantum registers, single qubit operations and quantum state transfer on demand, while local addressability is not required. State transfer is perfect, robust against errors and delivers qubits at a constant rate, unconditional of the length of the transfer. Moreover, two dimensional lattices with tunable global interactions in different directions offer the possibility of performing two-qubit gates.

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