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Journal Article
M. Seelbach Benkner, Siewert, J., Gühne, O., and Sentís, G., Characterizing generalized axisymmetric quantum states in, Physical Review A, vol. 106, p. 022415, 2022.
O. Gühne, Hyllus, P., Bruss, D., Ekert, A. K., Lewenstein, M., Macchiavello, C., and Sanpera, A., Experimental detection of entanglement via witness operators and local measurements, Journal of Modern Optics, vol. 50, pp. 1079–1102, 2003.
M. Bourennane, Eibl, M., Kurtsiefer, C., Gaertner, S., Weinfurter, H., Gühne, O., Hyllus, P., Bruß, D., Lewenstein, M., and Sanpera, A., Experimental Detection of Multipartite Entanglement using Witness Operators, Physical Review Letters, vol. 92, 2004.
N. Brunner, Gühne, O., and Huber, M., Fifty years of Bell’s theorem, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 47, p. 420301, 2014.
G. Sentís, Eltschka, C., Gühne, O., Huber, M., and Siewert, J., Quantifying {Entanglement} of {Maximal} {Dimension} in {Bipartite} {Mixed} {States}, Physical Review Letters, vol. 117, p. 190502, 2016.
C. Lancien, Gühne, O., Sengupta, R., and Huber, M., Relaxations of separability in multipartite systems: Semidefinite programs, witnesses and volumes, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol. 48, p. 505302, 2015.
T. Moroder, Gittsovich, O., Huber, M., and Gühne, O., Steering Bound Entangled States: A Counterexample to the Stronger Peres Conjecture, Physical Review Letters, vol. 113, no. 5, 2014.
T. Moroder, Gittsovich, O., Huber, M., Uola, R., and Gühne, O., Steering Maps and Their Application to Dimension-Bounded Steering, Physical Review Letters, vol. 116, 2016.
S. Wölk, Huber, M., and Gühne, O., Unified approach to entanglement criteria using the Cauchy-Schwarz and Hölder inequalities, Physical Review A, vol. 90, no. 2, 2014.
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