Storing magnetic information in IrMn/MgO/Ta tunnel junctions via field-cooling

TítuloStoring magnetic information in IrMn/MgO/Ta tunnel junctions via field-cooling
Tipo de publicaciónJournal Article
Año de publicación2013
AutoresPetti, D, Albisetti, E, Reichlová, H, Gazquez, J, Varela, M, Molina-Ruiz, M, Lopeandía, AF, Olejník, K, Novák, V, Fina, I, Dkhil, B, Hayakawa, J, Marti, X, Wunderlich, J, Jungwirth, T, Bertacco, R
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Start Page192404
KeywordsAntiferromagnetism, Atomic force microscopy, Ferromagnetism, Magnetic fields, Tunneling

In this paper, we demonstrate that in Ta/MgO/IrMn tunneling junctions, containing no ferromagnetic elements, distinct metastable resistance states can be set by field cooling the devices from above the Neel temperature (TN) along different orientations. Variations of the resistance up to 10% are found upon field cooling in applied fields, in-plane or out-of-plane. Well below TN, these metastable states are insensitive to magnetic fields up to 2 T, thus constituting robust memory states. Our work provides the demonstration of an electrically readable magnetic memory device, which contains no ferromagnetic elements and stores the information in an antiferromagnetic active layer.

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