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December 2019:

GRAFO congratulates the young doctors who have successfully defended their PhD theses this year: Isabel Ferràndiz i Armero, Thelma Pérez Álvarez, Aline de Andrade Ramos Cavalcanti, Lourdes García Tugas and Jorge Simon Izquierdo Diaz. 


September 2019:

Two new projects of the Call Europa Investigación:

Narrativas sobre lugares transnacionales conectados. Convocatoria Europa Investigación 2019. Agencia Estatal de Investigación. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.Ref. EIN2019-102961. IP. José Luis Molina. 

Una aproximación a la cohesión social en sociedades europeas desde la ciencia de redes. Convocatoria Europa Investigación 2019. Agencia Estatal de Investigación. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.Ref. EIN2019-102971. IP. Miranda J. Lubbers. 2019-2021.


July 2019:

GRAFO welcomes Laure Sandoz, Postdoctoral Researcher of the University of Neuchatel. Laure will stay in the GRAFO group until October.


February 2019:

GRAFO members Miranda Lubbers, Hugo Valenzuela, José Luis Molina and Jordi Grau organized the international workshop "Who cares? Relational mechanisms involved in the day-to-day subsistence of families and individuals struggling with poverty" in Barcelona, February 7-8, 2019, to discuss the nexus between social relationships and poverty during two days with some of the leading scholars in the field. Invited speakers were Joan Maya Mazelis (Rutgers University), Mario Small (Harvard University), Kayleigh Garthwaite (University of Birmingham) and Mercedes González de la Rocha (CIESAS). Other participants came from the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. The event took place at the beautiful Torre Vila Puig - Campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The workshop was organized within the framework of the research project Survival strategies of households in poverty: The role of formal and informal support networks in times of economic crisis funded by Recercaixa (2015ACUP 00145) and led by Miranda Lubbers and Hugo Valenzuela (2016-2020). For details: 



January 2019:

NEW project"I live between four walls": Relational Vulnerability and Dignity in the Context of the Unipersonal Help Services of the Spanish Charitable Institutions (Fundación FOESSA, 2019). Principal Investigators: Hugo Valenzuela García, Miranda Lubbers, José Luis Molina. 2019-2020.


December 2018: 

GRAFO congratulates the young doctors who have successfully defended their PhD theses this year: Drs. Ainhoa Molina Serra, Ana Lorena Campo Arauz (former SENESCYT grant holder), Eduardo Henriquez Mendoza, Marta Lobato Rodríguez (former La Caixa grant holder), Meritxell Sàez i Sellarès, and Oscar López Catalán (former FPU grant holder).


November 2017: GRAFO welcomes a visiting researcher and a new postdoctoral researcher.

Dr. Consuelo Álvarez Plaza is Professor at the Department of Social Anthrophology at Complutense University of Madrid. She holds a Phd in Social and Cultural Anthropology of the UCM and she also has a Bachelor Degree in Nursing, completed postgraduate specializations in Nursing and Mental Health, Obstetric Gyneacological Nursing and Nursing of Work, and a diploma in Psychiatry. She has led and participated in several research projects. Her research and publication topics are focused on new ways of kinship and family, assisted human reproduction techniques, as well as immaterial heritage anthrophology. She will be a visiting researcher at GRAFO from November 2017 to January 2018.

Dr. Renáta Hosnedlová has started as a postdoctoral researcher at GRAFO with a grant from the Juan de la Cierva program. She holds a PhD degree in Sociology from the Universidad Complutense Madrid, where she performed a research about Ukranian immigrants in Madrid which involved social network research. In the coming years, Dr. Hosnedlová will be a member of the egolab-GRAFO team and she will participate in the Orbits project "The Role of Social Transnational Fields in the Emergence, Maintenance and Decay of Ethnic and Demographic Enclaves". 

Renata Hosnedlova at Le LabEx SMS, Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées


October 2017: GRAFO welcomes Hanna Konya

Dr. Hanna Konýa, Corvinus University (Hungary), will join GRAFO from October 2nd to May 2nd. She is a postdoctoral researcher and in Barcelona she will do research on the topic of "Is ethnicity the reason behind segregation and if yes, to what extent? Validation of the social network based control group methodology for the measurement of ethnic segregation", funded by Tempus Közalapítvány, Magyar Állami Eötvös Ösztöndíj (Tempus Public Foundation, Hungarian National Eötvös Scholarship). Dr. Konýa has a PhD in Sociology from Corvinus University in Budapest and two MAs in Public Policies and in Complex Cultural Research from the Babes-Bolyai University.

Hanna Edit Konya at Hungarian Academy of Sciences


September 2017: GRAFO welcomes four visiting researchers.

Dr. Ariana Garrote Hammer has joined GRAFO from September 2017 to August 2018. As an Early Postdoc Mobility grant holder of the Swiss National Science Foundation, she will investigate the development of friendship relations among pupils of a Swiss School in Catalonia. In particular, she is interested in how these relationships develop between children of different nationalities in a multicultural context. Dr. Garrote holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Zürich, Switzerland. She has published in journals such as the Educational Research Review and the Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology. She collaborates with Dr. Miranda Lubbers during her stay.


Dr. Silvina Smietniansky, Assistent Researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) and Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ), will stay for three months at GRAFO, between the 1st of September and the 30th of November 2017. During her stay she will work on her research "Sangre, tierra y persona. Una aproximación al estudio del parentesco y la familia en la sociedad hispano-colonial" [Blood, land, and person. An approach to the study of kinship and family in the Hispanic-colonial society]. Dr. Smietniansky will collaborate with Dr. Aurora González.


Dr. Lisabete Coradini is professor at the Department of Anthropology of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Brazil. She has joined GRAFO until July 2018, and she is currently working on audiovisual participatory methodologies of anthropological research in Brazil and Spain. During her stay, she will collaborate with GRAFO members Dr. Jorge Grau and associated member Dr. Nicolás Lorite.

Max Keck, Doctoral Student of the Institute for Sociology of the University of Münster, Germany, is a visiting researcher at GRAFO between September 14th and October 9th, 2017. Max received a grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to make the visit possible. On the basis of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), he investigates how episodes of poverty in households start, using a life-course perspective. His research project is closely related to the project "Estrategias de supervivencia en hogares pobres: el papel de las redes de apoyo formal e informal en períodos de crisis económica" led by GRAFO members Dr. Miranda Lubbers and Dr. Hugo Valenzuela.



September 2017: GRAFO congratulates Sara Revilla Gútiez (FPU predoctoral grant holder), Judith Pampalona i Tarrés (Predoctoral grant holder of the Government of Andorra) and Miryam Navarro Rupérez, who defended their doctoral theses. Sara and Judith received the International Mention.

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