The following is a list of recommended  links to web pages dedicated to peer learning Please understand that internet links are dynamic and may be deleted or have changed address. We appreciate your understanding and welcome proposals regarding additional links

Centre for Peer Learning

This centre, that studies peer learning, is managed by Keith Topping (Dundee university), without doubt, the researcher who has worked most with peer tutoring. It offers information, material and support about peer tutoring, between students as well as in the home environment or with volunteers.

Centre d'Investigació en Ensenyament i Aprenentatge de la Universitat de Michigan.

La pàgina pertany al Centre d'Investigació en Ensenyament i Aprenentatge de la Universitat de Michigan. Posseïx recursos en temàtiques sobre Aprenentatge Cooperatiu i treball en equip, també enllaços a altres Web, articles, i bibliografies relacionades amb la temàtica.

The website belongs to the Centre for Research in Teaching and Learning of the University of Michigan. It has resources about topics related to Cooperative Learning and teamwork, links to other websides, articles and bibliography related to the subject.

Collaborative Learning

This page, about collaborative learning is maintained by the NISE (National Institute for Science Education) in Wisconsin University. It offers an overview of examples of different collaborative learning methods and reference book listings.

Comunitat Catalana de Webquest

Webquests are learning activities based on cooperative learning and internet surfing. This interesting website offers a directory of Webquests in Catalan, Spanish and other languages, as well as resources and training on how to make webquests.

Cooperative Learning Center


The Cooperative learning Centre belongs to Minnesota University and offers research resources and training. It is run by two brothers Roger and David Johnson, researchers who spread their knowledge of cooperative learning worldwide.

Cooperative Learning Association Network

"Cooperative Learning Network" is an association of colleagues of the Sheridan College of Technology Institute, who work and spread the Cooperative Learning uses.

Cross-Age Learning International Network (CALIN)

CALIN belongs to a non profit organisation, it offers a lot of varied information with the aim of spreading learning experiences between students of different ages, paying special attention to tutoring.

Grup d’Interès en Aprenentatge Cooperatiu (GIAC)

Group linked to the ICE of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, that works with cooperative learning in the field of university training. They organize a day of sharing experiences every year.

International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education (IASCE)


LASCE runs a project to spread information about, and at the same time study cooperative learning, by publishing a bulletin, organizing bi annual congresses and helping with publications on the subject.

International Development Research Association (IDRA)


IDRA is a non profit organisation that works for education quality. One of the interesting things is the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, a peer tutoring programme with students of different ages.

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Peer Research Laboratory

Aquest laboratori, dirigit per Riessman i Gartner de la Universitat de Nova York, està associat a una entitat sense ànim de lucre que promou l'ajuda mútua i ofereix recursos per a l'aprenentatge entre iguals.

The laboratory ran by Riessman and Gartner in the University of New York is associated to a non-profit organization that promotes mutual aid and offers resources for peer learning.

Peer Tutoring Resource Center

Aquest centre de recursos sobre tutoria entre iguals és un projecte de la Fundació RAD Schwarts d'Oakland i té com a objectiu donar recursos i suports per al desenvolupament i manteniment de programes de tutoria entre iguals a l'aula, l'escola o als barris.

The resources centre on peer tutoring is a project of the RAD Schwarts foundation of Oakland and aims to provide resources ans support for the development and maintenance of different projects focused on peer tutoring in the classroom, school or neighbourhood.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a north american multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help. It includes info about paired reading.


Web site of Professor Elliot Aronson

This Web site corresponds to Professor Elliot Aronson of theUniversity of Santa Cruz, California, creator of the Method Puzzle of Cooperative Learning.

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