You may wish to visit the webpage of the Mathematical Consulting Service, the comercial frontend of GRAMM, where you can find more information on collaborating with us. You will also find a list of interesting documents concerning the role of mathematics in innovation. 

We are members of the recently created Red Española Matemática-Industria, and participate in the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, and in the forthcoming Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics.

The Centre de Recerca Matemática, located in our same building, is a world first-rank research institute which currently hosts emerging groups in several application areas.

We are partners in the Erasmus-Mundus International Master "MathMods" (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications). We develop a track on Stochastic Modelling and Optimisation, and have already awarded 16 master degrees to worldwide selected students.

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