Miguel Hernández

Short biography: 

Miguel Hernández Martínez (Barcelona, 1951): Tenured university lecturer of Physical Anthropology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona. Teaching on the subjects "Biological Anthropology" of the degree of Biology (UB) and "Human Biodiversity" of the master's degree "Biological Anthropology" (UB-UAB). Doctoral thesis "Serum polymorphisms in Barcelona" (1982).

Research: Secular trends of growth and reproduction patterns of the Spanish populations; Anthropological studies of Patagonia and Easter Island; Skull diversity. Biodemography of Catalan populations.

Current research on "Biodemography and human ecology": Knowledge of the evolution and adaptations of human populations from the demographic records of the archives. Study of migrations and gene flow. Patterns of fertility. Diseases and mortality. Secular trends. Studies of the surnames: relationship of the populations and diversity indexs.

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