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01/01/2013 a 31/12/2015

Miembros: Olga Fernández Prat (IP), Naomi Eilan (Univ. Warwick), Cristoph Hoerl (Univ. Warwick), Hemdat Lerman (Univ. Warwick), Julián Pacho (UPV), Daniel Quesada (UAB), Víctor-Martín Verdejo (U. Santiago de Compostela)


MICINN project 2012-2014: Space and Time: From the Manifest to the Scientific Image (Espacio y Tiempo: de la Imagen Manifiesta a la Imagen Científica)

Ref. FFI2011-29834-C03-03
Members: Carl Hoefer (I.P.), Albert Solé Bellet, Laura Felline, Christopher Evans, Oliver Pooley (Oxford U.), Mauro Dorato (Uni. Roma 3)


Philosophy of Perspectival Thoughts and Facts

PERSP is a Spanish research and training network focusing on philosophical issues posed by the perspectival character of some thoughts and the facts they represent, funded by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Scheme (CSD2009-00056), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, to which four Spanish groups contribute (LOGOS, GRECC, Applied Philosophy (UPF and UdG), and UVEG's Philosophy of Law). GRECC researcher Carl Hoefer is adjunct coordinator of PERSP. The Network supports the Master and PhD programme in Analytic Philosophy.

GRECC researchers contributing to PERSP: Carl Hoefer, Olga Fernández Prat, Daniel Quesada, Marta Tafalla, Josefa Toribio, Gerard Vilar.

Link: https://www.ub.edu/persp




MICINN project 2012-2014: Experience, belief and mental agency  (Experiencia, creencia y agencia mental).
Ref. FFI2011-26853
Research team: Josefa Toribio (Principal Investigator), Olga Fernández, Conor McHugh (Southampton), Josep Macià (UB), Daniel Quesada, Susanna Siegel (Harvard).
The aim of this project is to advance the analysis of the complex relations between perceptual experiences, beliefs, and mental actions; which will be examined from the perspectives of the theory of content and epistemology. The project is thus located where these two fields meet the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind.
The project has three related goals:

 1.     To advance the theory of content and epistemology of perceptual experiences, in particular by addressing the issue of how to understand the kind of justification that perceptual experiences provide for beliefs.

2.     To provide a detailed analysis of the notion of belief and its epistemology. In particular, to examine the best way to understand the idea that belief aims at truth. We will consider two conflicting contemporary models: the teleological and the normative models. According to the teleological view, the idea that belief aims at truth is taken to mean that the subject, in believing that p, has a certain goal: the goal of accepting p only if p is true. In contrast, according to the normative account, when a subject believes that p, they are abiding by the norm of truth, i.e., they implicitly accept a normative judgment whose content is to believe p only if p is true.

3.    To discuss the concept of mental action and to examine the nature and epistemology of mental actions. In particular, to critically analyse the arguments for and against the agential nature of key mental phenomena such as judging. Furthermore, the project aims to assess the very assumptions that help to establish the division that is traditionally accepted, albeit tacitly, between "passive" episodes, such as experiences or beliefs, and other mental episodes where (putatively) the epistemic agent is actively involved.


Perceptual Discriminability: non-conceptual content and demonstrative concepts

(Discriminabilidad perceptiva: contenido no-conceptual y conceptos demostrativos)


Principal Investigator: Olga Fernández Prat

Duration: January 2009 - December 2012

Code:HUM2008-06164-C02-02/FISO (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)

Other GRECC researchers: Daniel Quesada Casajuana, Julián Pacho García, Josefa Toribio Mateas, Víctor-Martín Verdejo Aparicio, Marta Vidal Perera.



The project is centered on the cognitive science of discriminatory capacities, non-conceptual thought content, and demonstrative concepts.  Temporal discriminatory abilities are just one sort of capacity that the group's research will touch upon (albeit a very interesting one).  Recent research suggests that our perceptual judgments of time-order and simultaneity are both highly fallible, and the result of significant processing work done in the brain.  The construction of temporal aspects of experience can be crucial for understanding the relationships between thought, volition, decision making and action (as is shown, for example, in controversy over the interpretation of Libet-type experiments on voluntary actions). 


La historicidad de la experiencia estetica II: continuidad y discontinuidad entre experiencia estética y sentido moral


Principal Investigator: Gerard Vilar Roca

Duration: January 2009 - December 2011

Code:FFI2008-04339/FISO (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)

Other GRECC researchers: Marta Tafalla González



This project focuses attention on the historicity of aesthetic experience and judgments.  The historically-bound and historically-conditioned nature of aesthetic experiences and judgments has been widely accepted for a long time, but there is also a strong counter-current in the philosophy of aesthetics that seeks to explore possible limitations of this historicity, and to delimit what may be universal in the aesthetic.


Spacetime as Background: from classical physics to quantum gravity

(Espacio-tiempo como trasfondo: de la física clásica a la gravedad cuántica) 


Principal Investigator: Carl Hoefer

Duration: January 2009 - December 2011

Code: FFI2008-06418-C03-03/FISO (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)

Other GRECC researchers: Adán Sus, Christopher Evans



Continuing a line of research begun in our project "Causality in the General Theory of Relativity", Prof. Hoefer?s research group is now taking a closer look at the notion of background spacetime structures:  how they should be defined, how they can be discerned in existing and historical theories, and what sorts of theoretical roles (particularly explanatory roles) they are able to play.  In addition to offering new insights into these questions as they arise in classical physics and GR, we intend to address the controversy over whether quantum gravity theories should be pursued in a background-less framework. In addition, we will be examining the special status (if any) of time in GR and quantum gravity theories, including the difficult connections between general covariance (a form of background independence) and the ?problem of time? or ?frozen dynamics? in certain quantum gravity theories.

This project is part of the coordinated research project "Causal and classical concepts in science"


Metaescepticism and Current Epistemology: Post-Wittgensteinians and Neopopperians

(Metaescepticismo y el presente de la epistemología: postwittgensteinianos y neopopperianos)


Principal Investigator: Ángeles Jiménez Perona

Duration: October 2007 - September 2010

Code: HUM2007-60464 (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)

GRECC researchers: Julián Pacho García


Representational Content and Phenomenical Content in Perception

(Contenido representacional y contenido fenoménico en la percepción)

Principal Investigator: Olga Fernández Prat

Duration: December 2005 - December 2008

Code: HUM2005-07539-C02-02 (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia)

Other researchers: Daniel Quesada Casajuana, Julián Pacho García, Víctor-Martín Verdejo Aparicio


Causality in the General Theory of Relativity

Principal Investigator: Carl Hoefer

Duration: January 2006 -  December 2008

Code:HUM2005-07187/FISO (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia)

Other researchers: Adán Sus


The Historicity of the Aesthetic Experience

(La historicidad de la experiencia estética)

Principal Investigator: Gerard Vilar Roca

Duration: January 2006 - December 2008

Code: HUM 2005-05757 (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia)

Other researchers: Marta Tafalla González


Active Consciousness, Embodiment and the Sense of Self

Eurocores programme "Consciousness in a Natural and Cultural Context"

Principal Investigator: Andy Clark

Duration: 2007 - 2009

Code: AH/E511139/1 (European Science Foundation (ESF) and three national funding agencies: the CNR (Italy), the AHRC (United Kingdom), and the NWO (The Netherlands)).

Other researchers: Josefa Toribio Mateas


Meta-philosophy. The Notion of the "Natural Image" of the World in Contemporary Meta-philosophical Contexts

(Metafilosofía. La noción de imagen natural del mundo en contextos metafilosóficos contemporáneos)

Principal Investigator: Julián Pacho García

Duration: December 2007 ? December 2009

Code: EHU07/35 (Universidad del País Vasco)



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