CELT-SoTL project 2016-2018

Project CELT-SoTL - Ready to teach global citizenship?

This research compares the impact of teacher education programmes in Spain, England, Colombia and Pakistan on student teachers’ views and expected practices of global citizenship education. The University of York is one of the participating universities together with the University of Sindh, Pakistan, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and University of Medellín , Colombia. MMU is the lead institution with the project being directed by Dr. Edda Sant and Dr. Chris Hanley. Using a mixed-method research design and combining a pre-experimental design with interviews, content analysis and observations, the project team will analyse teacher education programmes and the impact of these on student teachers.

The objectives of the research include:

(1) To discuss the ways in which student teachers discursively construct their role as civic educators in relation to competing national, supra-national and global demands on citizenship education.

(2) To analyse how student teachers’ previous experiences, identities and views on citizenship might influence their self-image as civic educators.

(3) To examine how Teacher Education programmes might or might now influence student teachers’ self-perception as civic educators.

(4) To compare how student teachers are trained to understand their role as civic educators in different countries.

(5) To develop a research proposal to co-develop and co-evaluate an innovation to be included in the Teacher Education curricula of the participant institutions.

We expect to gain knowledge about the impact of teacher education programmes in students’ understanding of global citizenship and in the extent in which they are ‘willing’ and ‘ready’ to promote their own or other models of global citizenship. The project is in its initial stages.

Funding has been secured for the pilot stage and a research colloquium to be held in Manchester in September 2016 to establish the bases of the proposal for the larger research project.


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