We intend to promote knowledge exchange between EDCD-TEP Project partners on how the democratic culture dimension is deeply related with teacher training policy and/or practice in the partner countries. Thus, we define two specific objectives for this International Seminar: 

(i) define the concept of "good practices" in the promotion of competences in education for a democratic culture in training programs for primary teachers.

(ii) define criteria to analyse the educational policies for a democratic culture, in different levels (national, institutional, and teachers’ practices).

 Iniciem un nou projecte

DISCO - Embedding a Democratic Culture Dimension in Teacher Education Programmes (EDCD-TEP) 



L’objectiu d’aquest projecte és dissenyar un marc per incorporar les Competències per a la Cultura Democràtica als Programes d’Educació Primària del Professorat als països socis (Espanya, Portugal i el Regne Unit) i a tota Europa.

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