Aboriginal languages and plurilingual education: diagnosis of situation and formation of indigenous teachers in 'El Chaco' (Argentina)

This is a cooperative project between the CIFMA (Center of Investigation and Formation for the Aboriginal Modality) and the GREIP. In it’s first phase, the project aims to carry a diagnosis on the use of indigenous languages and the plurilingual school practices that involve indigenous teachers in the province of El Chaco (Argentina). In it’s second phase, the aim is to elaborate a plan of formation to support these teachers during their incorporation to primary schools in indigenous areas of El Chaco for the introduction of minority languages in education. 

CIFMA and GREIP are connected through Dr Virginia Unamuno, member of the GREIP, who develops her current research work in the CIFMA. Also, the UAB has signed an agreement of collaboration with the CIFMA for the accomplishment of professional practices for students of Pre-school and Primary Education of the UAB.


june 1, 2011
december 31, 2011
Fundació Autònoma Solidaria - Fons de Solidaritat de la UAB (Ref. FSXXVIII-4)
13.848 €
Person responsible for the UAB:
Dr Luci Nussbaum Capdevila
Participating entities:
 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES), CIFMA (Centro de Investigación y Formación para la Modalidad Aborígen), Province of El Chaco, Argentina
Research team:
Dr Luci Nussbaum Capdevila, Dr Virginia Unamuno Kaschapava, Dr Melinda Ann Dooly Owenby, Dr Dolors Masats Viladoms, Dr Amparo Tusón Valls, Dr Artur Noguerol Rodrigo
Indigenous communities from the qom, wichi & mocovi ethnic groups located at Presidencia Roque Saez Peña, Sauzalito, Castelli, Villa Angela, Pampa del Indio & Colonia Aborígen (Province of El Chaco, Argentina)

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