Claudia Vallejo Rubinstein

I studied Social Communication at the Universidad Católica of Chile and the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, and I have a 'DEA' (Diploma d'Estudis Avançats) by the Doctoral Studies programme of communication from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I have been living, working and studying in Barcelona for 18 years.

I've been research assistant for the group GREIP since 2008, while also taking part as researcher in several local, national and European projects. I teach Plurilingualism and School Language Project at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I have also taught Intercultural Communication for Erasmus students in the International Programme of the UAB's Education Faculty​. I have worked as a teacher in communicactions in several institutions in Barcelona, and taken part in educational projects dealing with liinguistic minorities, gender, interculturality, diversity, discourse analysis and the mass media. My PhD research, in progress and directed by Dr Melinda Dooly and Dr Emilee Moore, deals with the role of cultural and linguistic diversity in the academic trajectories of students from cultural and linguistic minorities, especially those considered at risk of school failure.

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