Cooperation Project 'Autònoma Solidària'

Intercultural Bilingual Education (EIB) in the Impenetable (Chaco, Argentina): detection, exchange and dissemination of educational and training experiences

This project, which stems from the results of the project developed in 2011 in cooperation with the Center of Investigation and Formation for the Aboriginal Modality (CIFMA) in 'El Chaco' (Argentina) for the improvement of Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) aims to impact the most impoverished region of the province ('El Impenetrable') through three actions: 1) detecting modalities of linguistic education in primary schools in the area and the role displayed by graduates from CIFMA; 2) detecting practices of bilingual education carried by these graduates; and 3) organizing a seminar to share and multiply these practices among teachers graduated from CIFMA, final year students, Wichí community members, academic authorities, and spread them between the families and the population. The project aims to prestige IBE, defined as a resource that promotes the improvement of living conditions of the indigenous population through quality education.

Coordinator: Dolores Masats
Other GREIP members involved: Arthur Noguerol, Luci Nussbaum and Virginia Unamuno
Financed: Foundation 'Autònoma Solidària' (FAS)
Grant: € 10,417
Period: 2014-juny 2015 (extended to september 2015)

Press release from the Foundation 'Autònoma Solidària' (FAS) about the project.





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