GREIP Research Ethics Statement

The GREIP research team (Grup de Recerca en Ensenyament i Interacció Plurilingües) aims to ensure that our research and teaching meet all ethical principles based on the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report. These declarations enshrine the principles of benevolence, non-maleficence (an obligation not to intentionally inflict harm), autonomy and justice as well as the protection of human rights, human dignity and the right to privacy and confidentiality of the data derived from research. An important focus of our research is to try to ensure that the results of our research benefit society and as well as the subjects involved in our investigation.

For these motives, we have elaborated and duly respect the following research protocol, based on the guidelines by the Comissió d'Ètica en Experimentació a la UAB [Universitat Autònoma Council on Research Ethics] and the European Ethics Documentation Centre.

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