Implementation of the language curriculum for primary and secondary education, Government of Andorra

The project is structured around Andorra's new curriculum proposal, in which GREIP is advising the government of Andorra in agreement with the Institute of Resources and Research for Training IRIF.
The project includes the overall organization of the curriculum (how projects should be structured considering languages, a stage beyond CLIL); and specific proposals for the Andorran school on the structure of the assessment, items related to the proposals of the CARAP project and the realization of the plural approach to language teaching.


Involved institutions: GREIP - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Institut de Recursos i Investigació per a la Formació (IRIF), Govern d’Andorra.
Code: ACV8822
Principal Investigator: Arthur Noguerol
Other GREIP members: Luci Nussbaum, Dolores Masats

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