Interviews and press coverage


Emilee Moore & Adriana Patiño: Article on UAB-Divulga "Quines són les llengües de prestigi en l’educació superior internacional?" (march 2015)

Cooperation Project  'Autònoma Solidària': 

Press release from the Foundation 'Autònoma Solidària' (FAS) about the project "Intercultural Bilingual Education (EIB) in the Impenetable (Chaco, Argentina): detection, exchange and dissemination of educational and training experiences".

Press release from the ‘Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas’ CONICET

KONECT project:

Press release from UAB-Divulga about Konect project's kick-off meeting on January 2015.

GREIP researchers Dolors Masats & Marta Juanhuix have been widely interviewed to explain the LanCook project that aims to promote language learning while cooking. Here's a sample of the press coverage.

Interview with Luci Nussbaum at MANGATA, online journal especialized in linguistics, within the article "Seis claves sobre el aprendizaje de idiomas".

Following the appearance of the article “The emergence of new linguistic repertoires among Barcelona's youth of Latin American Origin” published by Víctor Corona, Luci Nussbaum and Virginia Unamuno in the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, different media published or broadcasted some of it's content. Watch Víctor Corona and Luci Nussbaum in their television appearance: 8TVLa RazónARABTVABCUniversiaNació Digital. Also, the 'Servei d'Audiovisuals' from the UAB's Faculty of Education Sciences produced the video "Latino teens create a new language: lati-spanish". A spanish version will soon appear in the iberoamerican educational network NCI (

Do you speak English? Noves tecnologies per millorar les competències lingüístiques"  from the TV magazine La Xarxa Tendències briefly describes the project PADS, with interviews of Melinda Dooly and Maria Mont.

Interview with Amparo Tusón Valls at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de México: "La comunicación, la lengua y la educación".

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B