Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education

Project working languages: French, English

Project term: 2012-2015

Sponsor: ECML & Councill of Europe

Participating universities: Université Aix Marseille (France), Istituto Tecnico Statale "Vincenzo Arangio Ruiz" (Italy), Université de Genève (Switzerland) & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain).

Coordinator: Stéphanie Clerc, Université Aix Marseille (France).

Participating GREIP members: Dr. Xavier Pascual Calvo

Target audience involved in project activities:

teacher educators;
parents and parents’ associations;
associations (national or international) of experts in education promoting plurilingual approaches and didactics.

What is it about?

The project aims to disseminate knowledge relating to the cognitive and social benefits of plurilingual and intercultural education. It also aims to develop the inclusion of parents in the elaboration of plurilingual and intercultural activities at school. To achieve this second aim, teachers must be informed about and trained in the benefits of involving families in pluralistic approaches – pluringual and intercultural.

The rationale for theprogramme has been developed in complementarity with the other Council of Europe units and addresses the following key issues raised during the thorough consultation process with the ECML partners and stakeholders. These issues and concerns are targeted by the ECML programme.

Context and challenges:

Linguistic and cultural diversity combined with migration and mobility characterises contemporary European societies. This phenomenon should not be viewed as an obstacle or a ‘problem’, but rather as an asset and a potential benefit to society.
Social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship, together with economic prosperity, represent important aims in building a more humane and inclusive Europe.

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