Linguistic education in multilingual contexts: sociolinguistic perspectives

The project is founded on a research question which emerges from the latests findings in the field of language science applied to language learning: what is the impact of the development of language awareness skills on knowledge transfer among different languages and on the growth of a mulitilingual communicative competence? This implies (a) the elaboration of a model of description and assessment of multilingual competences and (b) the design of a metalinguistic-based and learner-based didactic unit.

The project focuses on a specific sample population: students of immigrant origin, whose presence in Catalan schools has increased by 100% over the past ten years and who attend state schools in 89% of the cases. The results of this research may be useful for the development of more effective educational proposals for the integration of this population in mainstream classrooms.


February 1, 2003
January 31, 2008
Ministry of Science and Technology; University Autonoma of Barcelona
161.248,96 €
Research leader:
Dr Virginia Unamuno Kaschapava

Publications resulting from this project:

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