MultiLit Moocs. Making Literacy Meaningful

Within the European Union, teaching staff have been confronted with great challenges in heterogenous classrooms. One of these challenges relates to identifying suitable programmes for the teaching of language and literacy. Children may have a number of reasons for facing difficulties in this area, e.g. learning disabilities, a right to an individual special educational needs programme, social disadvantage, or a multilingual background. This challenge has increased over the past year, due to the increase in refugee numbers in Europe this past year, leading to rising numbers of pupils who struggle to follow lessons due to language issues. Many teachers have pointed out the lack of suitable professional development opportunities in this area, and in the area of differentiated facilitation of literacy. They are faced with growing challenges, often without the required knowledge or skills. The project therefore aims to develop practically-oriented knowledge in the area of language and literacy development, and to make these available via an online-learning platform and two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to all those interested (teaching staff, volunteers, student-teachers, parents).

It is expected that resources will be made available in English, German, Spanish and Catalan, allowing teachers to address everyday questions in the area of language and literacy development for children with difficulties in these areas. The focus is on well-researched, yet practically oriented  ideas, allowing staff to draw parallels to their own practice and helping staff to gain ideas for their own teaching, as well as for longer-term planning of provision. The long-term usability of the project lies in the development of expert knowledge in the area of language and literacy facilitation, relevant both within the EU and internationally. 

Project Details

From: 01.09.2016

To: 01.09.2019

Sponsor: Erasmus + KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and sharing good practices

Project amount allocated: 352,275€

UAB amount allocated: 46,939€

PI: Pädagogische Hochshcule Freiburg

Participating universities: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (GREIP research centre), Adolf-Reichwein Schule (Freiburg), Université du Luxembourg, University of Sheffield, National College of Ireland. 

GREIP members: Dr Melinda Dooly (local coordinator), Dr Eulàlia Canals, Dr. Dolors Masats, Dr. Xavier Pascual, Claudia Vallejo.

Project webpage:

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