PhD students with theses related to GREIP

  • Javier Albines Otero (thesis supervised by Dolors Masats)
  • Luz Dary Cruz Forero (thesis supervised by Dolors Masats)
  • Nathaly González (thesis supervised by Melinda Dooly)
  • Oscar Mauricio Gómez Delgado (thesis supervised by Emilee Moore)
  • Miaomiao Zhang (thesis supervised by Emilee Moore)
  • Mª del Socorro Llanes Velasco (thesis supervised by Dolors Masats)
  • Jelena Marjanovic (thesis supervised by Melinda Dooly)
  • Raúl Montesinos (thesis supervised by Amparo Tusón)
  • Saliha Özcan (thesis supervised by Melinda Dooly)
  • Jackie Robbins (thesis supervised by Dolors Masats & Laia Canals)
  • Claudia Vallejo Rubinstein (thesis supervised by Melinda Dooly & Emilee Moore)


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