Project MQD 2004-2005

Total Profesionalisation of (Primary) School teachers of Foreign languages

This project was designed to offer future primary foreing language teachers a complete trainning focus on the connections of two language subject-matters that are part of their curricular content (Catalan and English languages) and the corresponding didactics (laguage teaching and English language teaching). This purpose is articulated through three main actions:

  • Coordination between linguistics training areas (foreign languages and language teaching);
  • The dessign and exprimentation of a Digital Professional Portfolio (Portolio Professional Digital (PPD)) as a tool for evaluating in an integrating way;
  • Digital literacy with teaching purposes

Research projects

IDES-UAB PID2004-06, projecte 210.027
3.000 €
Research leader:
Dr Cristina Escobar Urmeneta
Research team:
Dr Eva Codó Olsina, Dr Melinda Ann Dooly Owenby, Dr Cristina Escobar Urmeneta, Dolors Masats Viladoms, Dr Jaume Mateu Fontanals, Dr Artur Noguerol Rodrigo, Antonio Sánchez Solá
Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B