Project MQD 2007-2009

Teaching strategies to foster the development of critical linguistic competences of students in the Foreign Language Teacher Training Diploma in courses taught through english

The project aims to describe the current use of video in teachers' formation. Therefore, it's main objective is to gather examples of case studies that may be used to identify the benefits of digital video in this context, and may serve as an example of the possible uses and diverse approaches that exist in the application of a digital video. A second objective is to establish a set of principles of generic uses related to learning theories and/or that may illustrate practical and technical aspects related to the use of digital video and audio in teachers' formation. 

Research project

september 2007
september 2009
AGAUR (Agencia de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca) 2007MQD00138
8.100 €
Research leader:
Dr Mariona Espinet
Research team:
Dr Eva Codó Olsina (GREIP), Dr Mònica Feixas Condom, Dr Dolors Masats Viladoms (GREIP), Dr Núria Planas Raig, Dr Sònia Oliver del Olmo, Dr Lizzette Ramos Robles

Publications resulting from this project:

Espinet, M., Codó, E., Feixas, M., Masats, D. & Couso, D. (2009) Llegir i escriure críticament en el context d’assignatures impartides en anglès: El cas de la Titulació de Mestre Especialitat Llengua Estrangera. IV Jornada de Campus d'Innovació Docent. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. CD-Room

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