Project MQD 2011-2013

Development of didactic material in English for the integration of linguistic and scientific competences in biennial subjects in Early Childhood and Primary Education undergraduate degrees

The aim of this project is to develop teaching materials in English for different activities offered in subjects in the undergraduate Early Childhood and Primary Education degrees, the aim of which is to teach didactics of experimental and social sciences to future teachers. The didactic materials in English will support teachers and students in their development of linguistic competences in English, taking into consideration the diversity of their competences. An interdisciplinary approach will be taken in working between the different fields of knowledge involved: Didactics of Experimental Sciences, Didactics of Social Sciences and Didactics of Foreign Languages. The project aims to offer orientations as to how linguistic and subject-specific competences may be developed in an integrated manner. Such orientations are considered useful not only for the subjects which are the focus on the project, but also for others in which similar processes could be carried out in the future. 

Research project

16 may 2011
16 may 2013
AGAUR: 2010MQD00132
10.000 €
Research leader:
Dr Mariona Espinet Blanch
Research team:
Dr Dolors Masats (GREIP), Emilee Moore (GREIP), Dr Neus González, Dr Mercè Junyent, Dr Cecília Llobet, Dr Anna Marbà, Dr Pilar Comes
Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B