Xavier Pascual i Calvo

I was born in Barcelona in July 1969. My favourite subjects at school were always languages, foreign or otherwise. In my early childhood I started learning English and French and, as a teenager,  I ventured to learn German. I completed part of my secondary studies in Sweden where I learnt Swedish and experienced the first culture shock of my life which led me to become really interested in intercultural education. Living an intercultural experience for yourself helps you develop problem-solving skills for dealing with other cultures and alerts you to things in your own culture you were not aware of. When I returned home I started  studying  French and Roman Language Philology at the UAB and at the same time began learning Italian and Portuguese. I worked as a Spanish teacher in Martinique and Sweden and on returning to Barcelona I became a teacher of French at secondary school level, a post I held for almost 10 years. Afterwards I changed to the EOI and I am currently a French teacher in EOI Drassanes.

I started my PhD in UNED where I was actively involved in research work about intercultural education and foreign language teaching. These studies made me realize that there is still a lot to learn in this field. After my doctorate studies and extensive reading about intercultural education I finally presented my doctoral thesis on Intercultural competence development according to the CEFR. At the moment I am teaching both at the EOI and the UAB where I have also joined a research group. At the same time I belong to the CARAP group of experts of the ECML of the Council of Europe where we are engaged with plurilinguism, intercultural learning, awakening to languages and inter-comprehension between languages. I am also involved in preparing training courses for teachers about such topics. I really enjoy teaching adults and when I am free I love travelling and of course continue to live intercultural experiences.

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