Mézclalo un poquito

GREIP Panel: Júlia Llompart, Dolors Masats, Emilee Moore & Luci Nussbaum, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The use of repertoires from different language systems has been a controversial issue in language teaching. While grammar-translation methods promoted the transfer from one language to another, the direct method and other subsequent teaching approaches supported the exclusive use of the ‘target language’ in classrooms. Monolingual classroom practices arguably maximised ‘input’ and forced students to use the target language, following the principle that ‘languages are learned in use’. The results of our research, conducted in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, show that plurilingual and multimodal practices are inherent to and necessary for participation in meaningful classroom activities. The title of our presentation is illustrative of a moment in which a student refuses to speak English in class, so his peer tells him to “mézclalo un poquito”, meaning “mix it up a bit”, using the languages he knows to participate.

In line with our research, we propose a didactics of plurilingualism, which, using project based learning, incorporates plurilingual interactional modes and pluriliteracies as resources that contribute to developing expertise in discourse genres in unilingual modes, as educational institutions require of students. In the first part of our presentation, after considering some educational proposals from our local environment, we will examine data extracts collected in classrooms. The data will be analysed by taking a participants’ perspective on the unfolding interaction. In the second part of the presentation, we will show some examples of didactic sequences designed from a plurilingual perspective.


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