The project is designed around the premises of collaborative research carried out in teams composed of in-service teachers and researchers. Participants, team members from Let’s Go project, work in join collaboration to promote and document transformation in educational practices with the aim to help secondary students improve their communicative competence in English and enhance their social and academic abilities. The project has the double folded objective to understand the challenges of innovating in social and economic disfavoured milieus and to demonstrate that innovation is only possible through initiatives that empower teachers and students alike.

The results are expected to contribute to the development of a model of teacher education that nourishes from the joint work done by the members of the research team, the teachers from the participating high schools and a group of pre-service teachers to ensure the development of reflective practice and professional skills as a tool to guarantee students’ learning success.


From: 28th February 2017

To: 27th February 2020 - Extended until the 31st of January 2021.

Sponsor: Obra Social “la Caixa”. RecerCaixa 2016

Budget: 96.930 €

Research leader: Dr. Dolors Masats

Participating universities: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona through Grup de Recerca en Ensenyament i Interacció Plurilingües and  Fundació Autònoma Solidària.

Research team: GREIP members Melinda Dooly, Dolors Masats, Emilee Moore, Artur Noguerol, Luci Nussbaum and Claudia Vallejo; and FAS members Andy Modoro and Jordi Prat.

Collaborating institutions: Ajuntament de Badia del Vallès, Institut Badia del Vallès, Institut Federica Montseny (Badia del Vallès) i Serveis Territorials del Vallès Occidental.

Project webpage:

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B