Design and implementation of a collaborative process of teacher-student knowledge construction for a real impact on the improvement of learning in English

This project aims to collaboratively improve module 2 of the subject 'School Language Project and Plurilingualism', taught in English in the third year of the Degree in Primary Education.

Despite the growing social demand of integrated content and foreign language learning spaces (CLIL), students systematically reject content that is given in English. This rejection has to do with the brevity of module 2 (5 sessions) and with the fact that not all students are oriented to choose the specilization in foreign languages, all of which repercutes in a low level of participation and in poor results achieved.

To break this resistance and give truly meaningful content for all, this research-action project aims at working with students, based on their interests and needs. The proposal articulates several phases of collecting, analyzing and discussing data on student perceptions, with the collaborative production of teaching-learning resources to promote a change in their perception towards languages ​​in education. The proposal puts the students at the center of their training process, in order to achieve a greater impact on learning.

Project details

From: September 2018

To: July 2019

Funding entity: Office of Teaching Quality, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Call for Projects for Supporting Educational Innovation and Improvement of Teaching Quality 2018, Modality A.

Code: GI513668

Budget: € 640

Principal Investigator: Claudia Vallejo

Other members: Nathaly González Acevedo, Dr Melinda Dooly, Mònica López Vera, Dr Dolors Masats, Dr Emilee Moore.

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