What is GREIP?

GREIP (Research Centre for Teaching & Plurilingual Interaction) was founded in the 1980s. With its 30 years of experience, the team has become a point of  reference worldwide in regard to innovation in language education. Although always maintaining a coherent, solid focus in our research, GREIP is sufficiently flexible to meld numerous fruitful alliances, both locally and internationally, with individuals and other entities and research teams in primary and secondary schools, at higher education, and in non-formal educational settings. These partnerships have contributed to the vast knowledge of the GREIP team in many different areas of research in plurilingual education and imbued our team with a passion to continue collaborative, ethnographic sociolinguistic studies, to contribute to theory-building and teaching innovation, and to advance knowledge and practices for inclusive plurilingual didactics (see areas of research).

We are a competitively funded research group (at both national and international levels) and have received funding from AGAUR (Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca) continuously since 2005:

  • 2017: SGR 774 (current)
  • 2014: SGR 595
  • 2009: SGR 1273
  • 2005: SGR 00330




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