LOCALL: Local Linguistic Landscapes for global language education in the school context

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This project: i) commits to acknowledging the added-value of superdiversity in language education, by mapping local Linguistic Landscapes (LL) and discussing them comparatively at an international level; ii) acknowledges the importance of involving youth, namely with migrant background, in active discovery and dissemination processes related to social and lived multilingualism and to their own linguistic repertoires.; iii) connects foreign language learning and language awareness through sociolinguistics discussions on language presence, roles and dynamics in broader social contexts, acknowledging languages and the linguistic resources that young people have at their disposal.

Since the literature recognizes the role of children and youth in multilingualism research and recommends an active role in research processes for them, we will develop a collaborative research project that sees adolescents as co-ethnographers and experts of LL in their own environment. LOCALL intends to foster pupils’ engagement and critical skills by calling multilingual youth from different countries to develop digital language paths through their towns for their classmates and on-site language courses for teachers of partner schools abroad.


From: 2019

To: 2022

Code: 2019-1-DE03-KA201-060024

Funding: Directorate General for Education and Culture, Erasmus+ 2019 Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

Budget: €276.472,00 (total); €45.664,00 (UAB)

Principal Coordinator: Dra. Silvia Melo-Pfeiffer (University of Hamburg)

GREIP members: Dra. Melinda Ann Dooly (IP UAB), Dra. Emilee Moore, Dra. Dolors Masats, Maria Mont, Claudia Vallejo.

External GREIP collaborators: Klaudia Kruszynska, Mònica López


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