AILA Research Network "Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics"

The AILA Research Network on Creative Inquiry in Applied Linguistics was formed in early 2018 with the aim of being a central space to explore the collaborative potential between sociolinguistics and the arts.

We take as a starting point Patricia Leavy's definition of creative inquiry as "any social research or human research that adapts the principles of creative arts as part of the methodology" (2014: 1). As academic attention is focused on dynamic plurilingualism, multimodality and superdiversity (Adami 2017; Blackledge and Creese 2017) and co-production (McKay and Bradley 2016), creativity and the arts are increasingly integrated into the applied linguistics research. However, until now there has been no central space for the discussion of the ways in which applied linguists engage with the arts: as context, as methodology, as epistemology, or as an ontology. This research network aims to create this space, and contribute to fulfilling our professional responsibility to challenge the emergence of exclusionary discourses and 'post-truth' policies worldwide, following Adrian Blackledge's claim that 'we have never needed the arts more than we do now '(Blackledge 2017; see Therefore, the network also welcomes researchers who are not explicitly working with the arts but are interested in collaborative research between disciplines, sectors and communities for social and epistemological justice; in working in partnership and solidarity with the marginalized and those who have no voice; and to allow the articulation of what was not articulated before, was unknown, not heard and undervalued.

The network:

From: 2018
To: --

Coordinators: Jessica Bradley (University of Sheffield), Lou Harvey (University of Leeds) and Emilee Moore (GREIP, UAB).
GREIP members: Emilee Moore (coord.); Júlia Llompart, Claudia Vallejo.

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