Anna Czura



I am a researcher, academic teacher and teacher trainer. My research and teaching interests centre around language assessment, intercultural competence, learning mobility (both face-to-face and virtual), CLIL and European language policy. Before commencing my academic career, I worked as an English teacher in lower and upper secondary school. The experience of working with mixed-ability groups sparked my interest in alternative forms of assessment, which resulted in a PhD dissertation titled “The influence of assessment type on the development of autonomy in lower secondary school learners”. I worked as an assistant professor in the Institute of English Studies at University of Wrocław in 2011-2019. I also act as the Polish Ministry of Education expert who certifies published teaching materials for school use. I participated in two projects supported by the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz: ‘PluriMobil: Mobility for sustainable plurilingual and intercultural learning' and ‘A Quality Assurance Matrix for CEFR Use’.

Currently I am employed as a post-doctoral researcher and a Marie Curie fellow (MSCA IF) at the Department of Language, Literature, Education and Social Science of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The ASSESSnet research project, supervised by Dr. Melinda Dooly, focuses on investigating teachers’ beliefs and practices of language assessment in virtual mobility initiatives at tertiary level.

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