Design, implementation and evaluation of a teaching proposal to work on the biases and biases of linguistic diversity in schools based on the model of 'educational cycle' and 'workshops of thought'

Project description:

This project aims to have an impact in the beliefs and practices of pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as teacher trainers, regarding the linguistic diversity of educational centers. As members of the teacher staff at the Language and Literature Teaching Unit, we have taken part in the European research project 'Linguistically Sensitive Teaching in all Classrooms' (LISTiac, As part of LISTiac, we have designed and experimented with reflection tools (observation guides, focus groups, ...). This experimentation has allowed us to see that:

1) Despite having received training in the treatment of linguistic diversity / plurilingual education in the centers, for example in the subject School Language Project and Plurilingualism (GEP, 3rd year), 4th year students still present prejudices / biases in this sense;

2) It is necessary to deepen in how the treatment of linguistic diversity / plurilingual education fits into the model of inclusive education (Decree of Inclusion 150/2017) and that this reflection be incorporated in the subjects offered by the Teaching Unit of Language and Literature;

3) to promote truly significant changes in the training we offer from the Unit, and in beliefs and teaching practices, the reflection tools proposed by the LISTiac project should be included in a broader approach that is more consistent with inclusive education, and that is agreed by teachers of diverse subjects

To address these challenges, in this teaching innovation project we propose: promoting the collaboration of a wider group of teachers in our Unit, formalizing the collaboration / advice of an expert teacher in inclusive education in order to emerge, deepen, and address biases and promote linguistically inclusive teaching practices more effectively.

This methodological proposal contemplates dialogue between university-students-teachers in order to promote reflection and change at various levels.

Project details

From: 01.01.2020

To: 01.01.2021

PI: Dr Emilee Moore (GREIP)

Budget: 300€

Members: Department of Language, Literature and Social Sciences Teaching, Language and Literature Teaching Unit: Marilisa Birello, Víctor Corona, Xavier Fontich, Dolors Masats, Maria Mont, Emilee Moore, Mariona Pascual, Berta Torras, Claudia Vallejo and Júlia Llompart.


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