MA dissertations

Master in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training & Language Centres (French & English)

  • Delgado Serra, Ainoa (17/02/2021). La Bande Dessinée pour l’apprentissage des langues. Supervised by: Dolors Masats.
  • Rosalia Caparrós Rodríguez (16/06/2021). Co-learning: The effect of group size on the effectiveness and benefits of group work. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.
  • Cristina Castro Pineda (16/06/2021). Secondary school students' perspectives on self-assessment in the EFL classroom: 'Learning to learn' Competence in Context. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.
  • Miquel Cufí Pericot (16/06/2021). The effectiveness of providing EFL students with language support as a scaffolding resource when writing a text. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.
  • Maria Furriols Vilardell (16/06/2021). Analysing students’ perspectives on a collaborative class diary: A universal design for learning approach. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.
  • Nuria Gallardo Ferrer (16/06/2021). Students' perspective on the use of a jigsaw reading activity. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.
  • Adeline Horga (16/06/2021). Effectivity of Kahoot! in EFL classes: A Quantitative study. Supervised by Melinda Dooly.

Master in Studies in Discourse: Communication, Society & Learning

  • Xin, Lei (09/07/2021). Social Media Sites as Resources for Learning Spanish. Supervised by: Dolors Masats.

Official Master in Research in Education

  • Zhao, Yong (09/2021) Research on online English language teaching in China. Supervised by: Melinda Dooly
  • Li, Peichen (06/21) Análisis de las referencias bibliográficas publicadas sobre la enseñanza de chino desde el año 2013 hasta el año 2020 en AEEAO y en Dialnet. Supervised by: Melinda Dooly


Supervised capstone projects, Undergraduate degree in primary education

  • Castro Soriano, Maria (2020-2021). Creating a picturebook to illustrate linguistic diversity: the narrative of a creative and training  process. Supervised by: Dolors Masats. Qualification: Matrícula d’Honor.
  • Poster: 6-9 juliol de 2021. Creating a picturebook to open learners to linguistic diversity: the narrative of a creative and training process. 9ème Congrès International de l’Association EDILIC. Approches plurielles, compétences plurilingues, appropriations langagières: l’apprenant.e au centre des réalités éducatives. Université Aristote de Thessalonique (Grècia). Maria Castro, David Torras & Dolors Masats.
  • Ferrer Rodríguez, Laura (2020-2021). Students’ reactions towards language diversity in the classroom: An analysis of a pedagogical intervention. Supervised by: Dolors Masats.
  • Fornós Fernández, Alba (2020-2021). Analysing gamification tools to learn English as a foreign Language in primary education. Supervised by: Dolors Masats.
  • Vallellano Vallés, Teresa (2020-2021). Designing a classroom library to promote plurilingualism: a selection of picture books. Supervised by: Dolors Masats.


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