Thematic Network “Plurilingual Education”

The creation of the Thematic Network "Plurilingual Education" (EDUPLUS) is motivated by the need to exchange experiences related to the research of the simultaneous learning process of three (or more languages) and the development of teaching models that promote plurilingualism. For some years now, numerous specialists in language acquisition have adopted a holistic conception of simultaneous or successive learning of two or more languages. According to this conception, individuals develop a dynamic plurilingual competence in which adjustments are constantly made between different linguistic subsystems (Jessner, 1997). However, this psycholinguistic reality, which seems increasingly unquestionable from a scientific point of view, seems to be facing serious difficulties when it comes to entering the everyday field of language teaching, where the ideology of linguistic separation usually prevails. There is therefore a considerable gap between what research has revealed about the process of acquiring a plurilingual competence and the guidelines and teaching materials that are usually followed for language teaching.
Given this situation, and taking into account the aspiration on the part of the educational systems in the bilingual territories of the Spanish state to train plurlingual individuals, competent in the two co-official languages ​​and in English as a foreign language, the Thematic Network "Plurilingual Education" aims at establishing a collaborative program between the groups that integrate it to respond to these aspirations.


From: 2019

To: 2021

Funding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades: Acciones de Dinamización «Redes de Investigación», convocatoria 2018

Code: RED2018-102774-T

Coordinator: Josep Maria Cots (CLA, U. of Lleida)

GREIP participants: IP: Dra. Melinda Ann Dooly (PI), Dra. Eulàlia Borràs Riba, Dra. Mandy Deal, , Dra. Júlia Llompart, Dra. Dolors Masats Viladoms, Dra Emilee Moore, Dr. Xavier Pascual i Calvo, Dra. Joan Ploettner, Dra. Amparo Tuson Valls, Claudia Vallejo, Dr. Victor Corona, Dra. Anna Czura. 

Other groups / participants: CILCEAL, Universitat Ramon Llull - Blanquerna Foundation (PI: Maria González Davies), DREAM, University of the Basque Country (PI: Jasone Cenoz), GLAUR, University of La Rioja (PI: Rosa María Jiménez Catalán), LAELA, Universitat Jaume I (PI: Maria Pilar Safont).


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