2018: July - December

21 / 12 / 18 

Final expositions of Co-Tutorized Learning Projects between university and school.


During the month of December the students of the subject "Educació Psicomotriu in els centers d'Educació Infantil" of the 4th year of the GEI have presented their PAT, where they have designed and carried out in a real school a session of psychomotricity.

This session is designed with the tutorial of both the teachers of the subject (Lurdes Martínez and Laura Moya) and by the teachers-psychomotricists who have received the students to their schools.

To finish this process, the students make a presentation of the session with the children and also expose the pedagogical documentation that they elaborate of it and that they give away in the schools.



30 / 11 / 18

You can already see the video summary of the IX Conference of Reflexió i Recerca: Psicomotricitat i Escola "Els espais".


On March 2 and 3 the GREP organized the Ninth Reflection and Research Conference: Psychomotricity and School "Els espais" (The spaces).

If you came and you want to remember the experience or you could not attend and you want to know what happened, you can not miss the following video-summaries!


General video-summary of the Trainning Days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDHP61wGg-A&feature=player_embedded

Video-summary of the workshops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjEW9gwWlro&feature=share

Video-summary of the communications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luYltiMbCMk&feature=share



18 / 11 / 18

The GREP present in the VI State Congress of Psychomotricity organized by the FAPee.


On Friday 16 and Saturday, November 18, a part of the GREP we attended the VI State Congress of Psychomotricity organized by the FAPee at the Complutense University of Madrid.

We are very happy because from the GREP we have participated in the conference from different perspectives:


-       Lurdes Matrínez and Josep Rota have been part of the scientific committee.


-       Montserrat Antón has held the closing conference entitled: "La mirada psicomotriz que observa, la actitud del adulto que acompaña".


-       And we have presented the following communications:

Xavi Forcadell, Carme Sánchez and Mar Pérez: La formación práctica o profesional en el postgrado de la UAB: una oportunidad para reflexionar e integrar los conceptos teóricos".


Paco Cortés and Eva Bru: "Proyecto de Aprendizaje Co-Tutorizado: la influencia de éste en la labor docente de dos maestros-psicomotricistas".


Josep Rota, Lurdes Martínez and Laura Moya: "Las competencias del trabajo corporal en la formación de psicomotricistas".


Laura Moya: "Percepción de los maestros de Educación Infantil sobre su corporeidad en relación a su labor docente".




10 / 11 / 18

The GREP is present at the "II Jornada de Psicomotricitat: el joc espontani, una altra mirada".


Today, a part of the GREP we have attended the "II Jornada de Psicomotricitat: el joc espontani, una altra mirada" organized by the comrades of the Association of Psychomotricists of Girona.

There we enjoyed the magnificent presentations of our colleague Josep Rota of the GREP and also of Montse Castellano and Jorge Barudy. It is great to be able to listen to his contributions about spontaneous play in Psychomotor skills, reflecting a great theoretical-practical background!

We have also been able to reconnect with some ex-students of our Psychomotor Development Postgraduate. What a joy to find ourselves now as psychomotricists!



04 / 10 / 18

Starting point for the XVI Edition of the Postgraduate in Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years.


We officially started the teaching of our postgraduate in Psychomotor Development with a session of Body Work in the gym of the Faculty with Josep Rota, Lurdes Martínez and Laura Moya.



25 / 09 / 18

Inauguration of the XVI Postgraduate and closing of the XV edition with a conference by Nuria Franch.


Today we have inaugurated the 16th edition of our postgraduate course in "Desenvolupament psicomotor de 0 a 8 anys" and closed the edition number XV.

As every year, we offer a conference and this year the person in charge has been Núria Franch with the presentation "Reflexions sobre la Psicomotricitat. (Literatura i Psicomotricitat)".



20 / 09 / 18

Inaugural Conference XVI Graduate in Psychomotor Free Development!


On September 25 we inaugurated the 16th edition of our postgraduate course "Desenvolupament psicomotor de 0 a 8 anys" and closed the XV.

To celebrate, we will enjoy a magnificent conference by Nuria Franch entitled "Reflexions en Psicomotricitat (Literature and Psychomotricity)".

The conference is free and you just have to confirm attendance. How?

Through email by sending an email to pg.desenvolupament.psicomotor@uab.cat or by clicking on "Assistiré" in the following Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/479133062591897/



08 / 09 /18

The GREP present at the XI National Congress of Formative and Shared Evaluation at the University of Córdoba.


We started the new 2018-2019 course with new projects in our hands!

Our colleagues Lurdes Martínez, Laura Moya and Paco Cortés have presented two communications in the XI National Congress of Formative and Shared Evaluation that has been held at the University of Córdoba.

The communications presented evaluation experiences that we carried out in the subject "Educació Psicomotriu en els centers d'Educació Infantil" of the 4th year of the Degree in Early Childhood Education of the UAB.



06 / 09 / 18

New course, new projects!


We started the new 2018-2019 course with new projects in our hands!

We have held the first meeting of the ARMIF project of the MIF Program on the training of psychomotor professional skills of teachers together with the University of Girona, the University of Vic and the University of Zaragoza.




29 / 07 / 18

New article! "The psychomotricity of an interdisciplinary view" in the In-fàn-ci-a magazine.


Our colleagues Paco Cortés and Laura Moya have published the article "La psicomotricitat desde una mirada interdisciplinària" to nº 223 (July-August) of In-fàn-ci-a magazine.




07 / 07 / 18

The course "Psychomotricitat: eines i recursos per portar-la a la pràctica", a success!


From the 2nd to the 6th of July our colleague Xavi Forcadell has carried out the course "La psicomotricitat: eines i recursos per a la pràctica" in the ICE of the UAB.

The course was held in the gymnasium of our faculty and we were able to share ideas, experiences and experiences with a score of professionals from the educational field.




06 / 07 / 18

One more year, the GREP has been present at # CIMIE18!


The GREP has been present for another year at the International Multidisciplinary Conference on Research in Education (# CIMIE18) at the University of Zaragoza. And this year twice!

On the one hand, we presented the communication "La documentación pedagógica como Herramienta de aprendizaje en la formación inicial de los maestros de Educación Infantil a través de Proyectos de Aprendizaje tutorizados" by Laura Moya, Paco Cortés, Lurdes Martínez and Carol Nieva, in the Theme of Teacher Training.

And, on the other hand, Laura Moya has coordinated the Didactics of Physical Education along with José Antonio Julián from the University of Zaragoza.

Finished the # CIMIE18 already with the look put in the next # CIMIE19 that will be celebrated in the University of Lleida! We continue working to spread our research contributing to research in Education with scientific evidence and to have an impact on psychomotricity and teacher training.



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