2019: July- December

11 / 10 / 19 

We continue working hard on the organization of the next Psychomotor Days.

We are completing all the work done months and months towards the preparation of the "X Days of Psychomotricity and School: The adult: a presence that accompanies" in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We hope you are of your interest and help you learn more theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of Psychomotricity and the role that the adult sets in their sessions.

This is the website link of the Conference: https://jornadespsicomotricitat.uab.cat/



11 / 07 / 19 

We open the 2nd application period for the 17th Postgraduate Edition in "Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years old".

If you want to train as a psychomotricist the next academic year 2019-2020, it is necessary that you send us your CV (with photo) and a letter / text with the reasons why you want to take this training.

Maximum date: July 26, 2019.

Postgraduate mail: pg.desenvolupament.psicomotor@uab.cat 


10 / 07 / 19 

Open the deadline to present communications in the # JornadesPsicoUAB2019 they already have a poster!

The days we build between everyone. For this reason, we set aside time for # JornadesPsicoUAB2019 communications on innovative experiences or research, which this year will address adults and psychomotricity.

The communications are presented in oral presentation format (15 minutes) and prior to delivering the innovative experience or research in written format, filling in the established template (between 700 and 1000 words).

All information on communications in the section for them on the conference website!

All accepted and exposed communications will be published in the minutes of the X Conference with ISBN. If you wish, you can consult the minutes of the IX Conference to read the communications published on our website.



09 / 07 / 19 

The official website of the # JornadesPsicoUAB2019 is now available.

The "X Days of Reflection and Research: Psychomotricity and School" that we organize from GREP already have available the website with all their information: presentation, conversations, workshops, their ...

Take a look at the program and everything that the # JornadesPsicoUAB2019 offers you by clicking here



08 / 07 / 19 

The #JornadesPsicoUAB2019 already have a poster!

Growing, building, accompanying, sharing, training, playing ... are some of the words that have inspired the "X Days of Reflection and Research: Psychomotricity and School" that we organize from GREP and that in this edition will address the theme "The adult : an accompanying presence ".

We wait for you on November 8 and 9 at the UAB!



07 / 07 / 19 

Course "Psychomotricity: tools and resources to put it into practice" at the ICE of the UAB.

From July 1 to 5, the gymnasium of the UAB Faculty of Education Sciences has filled with learning and a lot of movement with the course "Psychomotricity: tools and resources to put it into practice" that the Xavi Forcadell of the GREP has taught .

This is the second edition of the course that Xavi Forcadell takes at the Summer School organized by the ICE of the UAB.



06 / 07 / 19 

GREP participates in the "VIII International Multidisciplinary Congress of Educational Research".

Carol Nieva has attended the "VII International Multidisciplinary Congress of Educational Research" held on July 4-5 in Lleida.

In this congress Carol Nieva, Laura Moya, Lurdes Martínez and Paco Cortés from GREP have made the communication entitled "Formative Evaluation in the Learning Projects tutored in the Initial Teacher Training".

In this communication, the results of the research we carry out regarding the Co-tutored Psychomotor Learning Projects (PAPCIM-T) in the teaching we carry out in the Degree of Early Childhood Education at the UAB, specifically on the formative evaluation that It is done in this teacher training project.



04 / 07 / 19 

GREP have participated of the "XII Congreso Internacional de Evaluación informática en Educación".

Lurdes Martínez and Carol Nieva of GREP have participated in the "XII International Congress on Computer Assessment in Education: Good practices in Formative and Shared Assessment in All educational stages", held from July 1 to 3 in Segovia.

In this congress, they have presented two communications related to the acquisition of professional psychomotor skills of future teachers:

Comunication 1: "Autoevaluación de competencias profesionales de los estudiantes a partir de proyectos de aprendizaje psicomotoras co-tutorados".

Comunication 2: "Percepciones de estudiantes sobre la tutorización académica de Profesorado y el maestro psicomotricista en la adquisición de competencias profesionales".


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