CoDeS mehtodological proposal to introduce case study inquiry in ESD international networks

TítolCoDeS mehtodological proposal to introduce case study inquiry in ESD international networks
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsEspinet, M
EditorEspinet, M
Book TitleSelected cases on school community collaboration for sustainable development
PublisherAustrian Federal Ministry of Education and Woman’s Affairs
CityVienna, Austria

CoDeS is a network that includes a group of experts in the field of ESD who have direct experience in the development of School Community Collaboration in ESD or SD. They all bring to the network strong backgrounds based on their particular fields of experience such as teacher education, NGO, research, policy making, educational administration and school teaching.
In addition they all feel that the background experience is big enough to be given international visibility as well as serve as the
baseline for collective reflection. This reflection is important and will facilitate the building of a common framework from which to agree on a set of quality criteria for School Community Collaboration for ESD as well as a set of guidelines for successful
practice and policy recommendations.

The purpose of this chapter is to present a detailed and justified description of the case study methodology developed by CoDeS network. This methodology is considered to be an inquiry process undertaken by CoDeS partners that served for identifying, writing, analysing, reflecting and disseminating contextually relevant cases from the point of view of practitioners. The chapter provides a justification of case study methodology in international ESD projects, presents a model of case study inquiry, and disseminates the strategies used within CoDeS network to scaffold partners in the building of CoDeS cases.

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