Educational expansion, competences and labour market

Having focused our work on the effects of educational expansion on the labor market from the coordination of a European-American research "EDEX", during the next 5 years GRET aims in a first stage, complete the ongoing research about the relationship between speciality of training and employment (Project ESFOREM) and spread the results that, in the current stage, show great importance in order to improve the relations between supply and demand for education and work . Particularly in relation to the "Qualification Frameworks" in national and European level. Likewise, the fundamental objective of the next five years will be to accentuate the propositional aspect of the research in the improvement of analytical tools and the management of education and work nationally and internationally. This results in ESFOREM SEJ2006/SOCI 2006 project completion and the introduction of new international projects.

We currently participate in the DECOWE project, "Development of Competencies in the Word of Work and Education", quoted above, which will be submitted to FP7, in January 2009 under the coordination of the University of Bremen. Under the coordination of GRET, we are now initiating the development of a project on Matching and Anticipating Skills that has the collaboration of our usual international team of collaborators (Oxford University, CNAM-Paris-, IHS-Vienna-University of Bremen and ROA, Maastricht). The objective of this project is to present it to the call of FP7 in January 2010.

We also plan educational and research stays at CNAM (Paris), FLACSO (Buenos Aires) and University of Guadalajara (Mexico) awaiting other possible exchanges within the framework of preparation of pre and post doctoral projects.


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