GRET - Grup de recerca en Educació i Treball

The Labor and Education Research Group (GRET) was founded by three researchers and professors of the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1987. The aim of the three founding members was to combine the discipline of sociology with economics and social psychology, their respective initial formation. Thus, the consistency of this research group has been built over the years of working together.

The history of this research group has been constructed in 3 research lines led by three senior researchers who, over time, have incorporated other researchers interested on each of these 3 study areas.  

     1.    Youth and School-Work Transition 
     2.    Educational Expansion, competences and labour market
     3.    University Studies

Despite having three well-defined lines of research, the cooperation and interconnection of researchers between different lines is a common practice of GRET. This practice, and also regular meetings and monthly seminars on which the group meets and shares the monitoring of teaching, research and outreach, provides cohesion and teamwork within GRET.

Finally it’s worth to highlight the contribution of "external partners" of GRET. These collaborators have made possible that, during its life, the publications and works of the research group enjoyed the collaboration of renowned foreign researchers (shown in the chart), despite the non-formal membership. They played an important role in obtaining the results derived from research.

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