Project I+D+i “Students above the new university reform"

The purpose of this research is to contribute to the development of a multidisciplinary area of ​​research focused specifically on university students. Specifically, it aims to gather information about the teaching / learning proces and the conditions of success or failure, and thus provide new theoretical and methodological tools that contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon

The basic layout embodies the idea that a number of social factors (situation, social characteristics) and individual (conditions and context perception), influence the student to take a decision on how it intends to tackle their studies, ie. Thier intention of approaching knowledge (superficial or deep).

This basic scheme has been worked from the disciplines of psychology and pedagogy, which include teaching variables and student motivation ones. Also, with particular incidence, act more social variables (such as culture of the institution, social class of origin, insertion opportunities, study and work layout, etc.) in drawing on the context of opportunity. The sociology provide the idea that subjective norms, ie. moral norms, (such as the obligation to study) or social norms (such as social capital and the relative position of advantage / disadvantage from a reference group), also significantly affect the intention to approach the knowledge of students.

The analytical model thus defined also involves the integration of two lines of research that have traditionally been dealt independently: one focuses on the evaluation of subjects and teachers by students, and the other that take the object of study the students themselves (living conditions, university experience, academic results, motivation, etc.).

See the analytical model 

Related publications

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